Belgrade, the open city

Agencija Blumen Group u saradnji sa izdavačkom kućom Licej, priprema objavljivanje ekskluzivnog izdanja monografije o Beogradu na engleskom jeziku- Belgrade, the open city, autorke Dragane Božinović, a u prevodu Timotija Džona Bajforda, legendarnog autora serija Neven, Poletarac I mnogih drugih.

Monografija Belgrade, the open city predstavlja reprezentativan i prаvi protokolаrni poklon koji, kao delo koje osim visoke umetničke i književne vrednosti, sаdrži i korisne informаcije koje zаnimаju strаne posetioce- opis turističkih atrakcija, sveobuhvatni imenik sa adresama i telefonima, ali i informacije za dobro raspoloženje.

Podršku ovom izdanju, a samim tim i dodatnu vrednost pružili su i ambasadori koji su nam se predstavili u delu- Stranci o Beogradu prenoseći svoje impresije o životu u prestonici:

Belgrade is a beauty to be discovered: Hardly known to me on the day of my arrival, the city soon captivated me with its architekture, its liveliness, the restaurants and the beautiful location at the confluence of Sava and Danube, with Kalemegdan as probably the most beautiful “terrace” of Europe. My family and I also enjoy its green areas such Ada Ciganlija or Mount Avala. But it’s above all the friendly inhabitatnts who make life in Belgrade realy enjoyable,and if one manages to establish frienships even as a foreigner – which is not todifficult, thanks to the hospitallity of its people – it is possible to spend anunforgettable time hire.

Clemens Koja, Austrian ambassador to the Republic of Serbia

In Belgrade, I like Ada Ciganlia, where I can play my favorite sport, golf and sometimes cycle and jog. Another my favorite spot in the city is the zoo in Kalemegdan, which has several rare white animals. I am enjoying wonderful concerts and operas in Kolarac and National Theater as well. Toshio Tsunozaki, Ambassador of Japan to the Republic of Serbia With its parks, rivers, historic and religious sites, and scenic views, Belgrade is a beautiful city offering something special for everyone. When I need a break, I enjoy walking along Knez Mihailova and through Kalemegdan Fortress, visiting the soaring St. Sava Cathedral and amazing Saborna Crkva, lingering at a restaurant along the banks of the Sava, and enjoying the activities on Ada Ciganlija.

Mary Burce Warlick, United States Ambassador to the Republic of Serbia

Predgovor Timotija Bajforda- Belgrade, the open city

This is not just another tourist guide. True, it introduces and describes all the “not to be missed” tourist attractions in Belgrade, but more importantly it goes beneath the surface, delving into the very soul of the city that has stood in one form or other on the confluence of the Sava into theDanube for more than two millennia. … In presenting today’s Belgrade, Dragana Božinović paints a picture of a Belgrade that can be no more – by painting a picture of the soul of Belgrade, she reaches the soul of the readers of “Belgrade”, exposing feelings ofnostalgia and perhaps even regret, but also feelings of fascination,amazement and gratitude to all those people who have made Belgrade whatit is today.

This is a book that should be read by all those who have not yetvisited Belgrade but intend to do so, and equally by all those who are familiar with the city either through visiting it or living here. I have lived in Belgrade for 40 years and consider myself a Belgrader, but after reading and translating Dragana Božinović’s “Belgrade, the open city”, I am beginning to realize how little Ireally know about my city.

Timothy Byford

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