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“Mission in encouraging research, creative and entrepreneurial spirit of clients”
A woman entrepreneur in Serbia is like a sailboat in a storm

How did the graduate in chemistry Nataša Pavlović Bujas find herself in the world of communications and in the position of director of Blumen Group? “My first position out of university was the one I had always wanted. Working with students as a faculty assistant and dealing with science was more than inspirational. However, I expected much more from myself and from others than the circumstances offered in the 1990s”, says the entrepreneur. And a family business was created.

Blumen Group has been provided services in business consulting, communication and goodwill and reputation management for more than a decade. Owing to long term cooperation with many cultural institutions and their results, the company has won many awards and it sees its mission in encouraging the research, creative and entrepreneurial spirit of its clients.

“Clients trust us; they get attached to us. The average length of cooperation with our clients is three years”, she describes the importance of relationship building. And this relationship building, respect and reputation, which are not easy to acquire and maintain in this field, according to Nataša Pavlović Bujas, proves to be her and her agency’s greatest success.


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