Message from the IPRA President: My IPRA journey March 2024

Dear friends and colleagues,

February was special to me because it was the month of my formal inauguration as IPRA President 2024. The event was held on 9 February in the Serbian Chamber of Commerce in my hometown of Belgrade. Since then, and indeed from the first announcement about the presidency,  I have often been asked to explain how I became to be an IPRA President, coming from a small country of specific heritage. My IPRA journey has been ongoing for 12 years and this is my story.

My IPRA journey begins with an award…

The first step was in 2012 when my agency Blumen Group entered the Golden World Awards. We received not just a win in the category but the 2012 Grand Prix. All this with our first ever entry! Winning was wonderful but even better was my experience at the GWA Gala that year with its warm welcome, a feeling of belonging, and a real celebration of excellence. From that time I have made it a point to always try to attend the GWA Gala. The 2024 GWA Entry window is open. Come and make your first step to an award right here.

…And then a membership and a GWA judge…

After that wonderful experience I became an IPRA member and you can easily do the same here. I enjoyed the immediate member benefits of networking with other PR people, a professional endorsement of my ethical credentials by following the IPRA Code, professional development from IPRA’s Thought Leadership essays and webinars, and the ability to participate in the association.

Indeed, my first participation was when I was  invited to join the IPRA GWA jury. This is an inspiring activity, as I got to see great campaigns from my PR colleagues from all over the world. I have been a jury member for over 11 years now, and still feel the same excitement when reading new campaigns. Once you become an IPRA member you may join the IPRA jury too.

…Next came the Boardroom…

For several years, I was a business owner, the mother of a teenage boy, a coach and mentor, and a Worldcom Group partner and board member. There was limited time. But finally, 5 years ago I joined the IPRA Board, starting a new phase in my IPRA journey. As I began to understand the complexity of a global organization, I found it helped to develop my personal capacity and cultural intelligence. These skills are of increasing relevance as the world faces huge migrations and cultural challenges everywhere.

…And so to be the President

Finally, at the end of last year, I was honoured to be elected by IPRA Board members as President 2024. Honoured, but also inspired to serve and contribute to our organization. An organisation that will celebrate 70 years since its foundation in 2025. As a symbol of that consistency, vision and longevity you will notice in this month’s photograph that I wear the IPRA Chain of Office. The Chain is forged in Turkish silver gilt and bears the names of my predecessors: because every person matters. Your ideas and contributions are welcome, feel free to contact me. I am proud to serve and invite you to join with me and all of the IPRA global community.

Kind regards,

Nataša Pavlović Bujas
IPRA President 2024

Beograd, 11000 Radoja Domanovića 16 |